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Blatnica Castle (Blatnický hrad)




Location: Blatnica, Turiec region





Description of Blatnica Castle


Blatnica Castle is a medieval stronghold situated near a village of Blatnica in Turiec region of Slovakia. Blatnica Castle was constructed in the 13th century to protect trading routes in the region. It was possibly done by the orders of Petra of Brezovnice in 1252. Occasionally it served as a private royal residence for the Hungarian kings, but it was sold in 1445 to Ladislav Necpalsky. It was sold again to the Revay family in 1540 who increased the size and complexity of the citadel through late 16th century. Blatnica Castle lost much of its military significance in the late 18th century. Some reconstruction projects were carried out here in 1744, but it was finally abandoned around 1790’s. You can get here by hiking from a Blatnica village. The footpath is well marked and fairly easy to follow. It usually takes about half an hour to get to the ruins of the ruins of the Blatnica Castle. Today it is protected by Tiara- Blatnica Castle Rescue Association who try to preserve remains of the structure.