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Location: Strazske and Humenne villages

Constructed: 13th century

Brekov Castle (Brekovský Castle)

Brekov Castle (Brekovský Castle)






Description of Brekov Castle

Brekov Castle (Brekovský Castle)

Brekov Castle is a medieval citadel those ruins are visible on a Western spur of Vihorlatskych hill near a village of Strazske and Humenne.  Brekov Castle was constructed in the 13th century. In the 15th century Brekov Castle was further increased in size to catch up with changing military technologies. In 1466 it saw clashes between armies of King Matthias Corvinus with Polish king Casimir IV. Between 1484 and 1488 Brekov Castle was further increased by Zapolsky. The end of the castle came in 1558 when its ownwer Francis Kendy joined the aristocratic opposition against king Ferdinand of Habsburg. Royal forces captured Brekov Castle and pillaged it. It was restored in 1575 by Nicholas Drugeth. It was again sacked and destroyed in 1644 by the troops of Juraj Rakoczi. Since then Brekov Castle was abandoned and used as a stone quarry by the local peasants. Today the castle is owned by the state. There no plans to restore the ruins, but it is probably for the best. In some places remains of the former medieval citadel reach up to third story.








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