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Bäckaskog Castle (Bäckaskogs slott)

Bäckaskog Castle





Location: Scania  Map


Constructed: 13th century (initially as a monastery)




Description of Bäckaskog Castle

Bäckaskog Castle is a medieval castle situated in the Kiaby parish in the town of Kristianstad.  Bäckaskog Castle was originally constructed in the 13th century as a Roman Catholic monastery on a picturesque isthmus between Oppmannasjon (Oppmannasjon lake) and Ivosjon (Ivo lake). During Reformation the monastery was closed in 1537 and it went into possession of a Danish crown. However former church of the monastery was preserved to out days. In 1658 the castle was abandoned after the Sweden captured these lands. From 1685 the head of local Swedish cavalry stayed here. In 1818 Bäckaskog Castle become one of many residences of the Swedish king. Today it is open as a hotel, restaurant and a conference center.










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