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Bjärka-Säby Castle

Bjärka-Säby Castle




Location: South of Linköping    Map


Constructed: 1791-1795, rebuilt in 1894-1898





Description of Bjärka-Säby Castle

Bjärka-Säby Castle is a beautiful baroque residence situated near Linkoping in Ostergotland County in Sweden. Despite its military name Bjärka-Säby Castle is not actually a castle. Bjärka-Säby Castle was constructed in 1791 as a private residence for Swedish aristocrat and a diplomat Germund Louis Cederhielm under supervision of an architect Fredik Magnus Piper (1746- 1824).


Later Bjärka-Säby Castle was sold to Consul Oscar Ekman (1812- 1907) in 1872. Original building had a neo- classical architectural style, but in 1894- 98 reconstruction under guidance of Agi Lindegren a more baroque style became evident in the appearance of Bjärka-Säby Castle. Ekman family that owned this residence finally sold their residence to the Zion Church in Linkoping on April 1, 1980 which still owns the residence today.










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