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Borgholm Castle

Borgholm Castle



Location: Borgholm            Map


Constructed: 12th century with subsequent improvements




Description of Borgholm Castle

Borgholm Castle (in Swedish: Borgholms slott)  is historic medieval citadel situated in Borgholm of Sweden. Borgholm Castle was originally constructed in the 12th century. It is linked to Halltorps, to the south. The castle was destroyed in a fire on October 14, 1806. The construction of the original fortress was probably ordered by King Canuto I, although this is not entirely certain. He reigned between 1167 and 1195 and had fortresses built on the east coast of Sweden as a defense against enemies on the other side of the Baltic Sea. Subsequent modernization and reconstruction greatly changed the appearance of Borgholm Castle.


Borgholm Castle is located just outside Borgholm in Borgholm, in the northern half of Öland Island. It dominates the Landborg cliff, reaching about 25 m above the surrounding land. This cliff draws a curve precisely at the site of the castle, creating a natural defense against enemies from the west and north. This allowed the castle to monitor the Kalmar Strait, separating the island from the Swedish coast of Småland. On the east and south side is an alvar, a kind of limestone moor.