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Location: Gränna, Småland       Map


Constructed: 1640s by Count Per Brahe





Description of Brahehus

Brahehus is a historic structure situated in Gränna, Småland of Sweden. Brahehus was erected in 1640s by Count Per Brahe the Younger who started to build by Brahehus in 1637, but the work was not completed until the mid-1650s. Construction work was hampered by the fact that the building material, which was part of the local sandstone, had to be carried up the steep mountain. Originally Brahehus was thought of as a widow's seat to Braz's husband Kristina Katarina Stenbock, but since she died in 1650, the building was used instead of accommodation by Brahe's guests. When the building was completed, it consisted of a high main building at the cliff edge down towards Vättern and two square corners, with a wide view of Vättern, Visingsö and Gränna. After the death of Per Brahe in 1680, Brahehus was abandoned and soon afterwards, the county was drawn to the crown under Karl XI's reduction. In the autumn of 1708 a fire broke out in the neighboring village Upgränna and the fire spread to Brahehus, which burned down the castle to the ground. The castle is near the modern E4 highway and is a popular destination for recreation and tourism.








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