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Lake Siljan

Lake Siljan




Location: Dalarna province   Map

Area: 354 km²

Depth: 120 m




Description of Lake Siljan

Lake Siljan, in the Dalarna region of central Sweden, is the sixth largest lake in the country. The accumulated area of ​​the lake and of all the small adjacent lakes (especially Orsasjön and Insjön) is 354 km². Its maximum depth is 120 m, and its altitude is 161 meters above sea level. The biggest city on its banks is Mora, being others of the ring of Siljan, Leksand, Orsa, Rättvik and Boda.


The lake is located on the southwestern perimeter of the Siljansringen (ring of Siljan), a circular geological formation that was formed 377 million years ago in the Devonian by the impact of a large meteorite. The original crater, now mostly eroded, is estimated to be about 52 km in diameter and is the largest known impact crater in Europe (excluding Russia). The sedimentary layers of the Cambrian, Ordovician and Silurian periods in the area contain important amounts of fossils. There are suspicions of the existence of oil, but the investigations so far have yielded negative results. There are large deposits of lead and zinc in the area.











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