Muddus National Park

Muddus National Park



Location: Norrbotten County

Area: 493 sq km (191 sq mi)

Established: 1942


Description of Muddus National Park


Muddus (also Muttos, which is the Sami name) is a national park in Lapland, Sweden. It is located southwest of Gällivare urban area; most of Muddus is located in Gällivare municipality and the remaining part in Jokkmokk municipality. The national park was established in 1942, expanded in 1984 and has an area of ​​49,340 hectares. It is Sweden's largest forest national park and is part of the world heritage Laponia.

The purpose of the national park is to preserve the area's forest and bog landscape.

Attractions in the national park are the primeval forest with its large pines, the mosaic-like bog areas, the deeply cut rocky ravines with their interesting flora and Muddusjokk's waterfalls and the park's wildlife. In the southern part of the park there are course valleys with up to 100 meters high, vertical rock walls. Muddus is completely free from roads.

As an area, Muddus is associated with many stories about Sami history and Sami mythology. West and south of the national park is Stora Luleälv. Remarkable with the river stretch is that the river at about 60 km falls almost 300 meters, of which 60 m at Porjus, 107 m at Harsprånget hydropower plant, 40 m at Ligga hydropower plant and about 87 m at Messaure power plant. At these former rapids and falls are today four of Sweden's ten largest hydropower plants.


Keep in mind that visiting Muddus National Park might be tricky at times. It is one of the wettest regions of Sweden and you can expect rainy days quiet often in the summer months. So plan accordingly.