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Padjelanta National Park

Padjelanta National Park




Location: Norrbotten County (Norrbottens län)  Map

Area: 1,984 km2 (766.0 sq mi)

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Description of Padjelanta National Park

Padjelanta National Park is a pristine nature reserve situated in Norrbotten County in the North Sweden. Padjelanta National Park covers a total area of 1,984 km2 (766 sq mi) of rugged peaks, deep valleys and harsh climate. It is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Laponia. One of the most popular trails within borders of Padjelanta National Park is Padjelantaleden (Padjelanta trail) trail that runs for over 160 km in length. There are several small cottages and cabins along its length, but most do not accept credit or debit cards. So keep that in mind as you travel to the region.











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