Sarek National Park

Sarek National Park


Location: Norrbotten County  Map

Area: 1,970 km2 (760 sq mi)

Info: 0920 96200


Description of Sarek National Park

Sarek National Park is a nature preserve in the municipality of Jokkmokk, in the province of Lapland, in the extreme north of Sweden. Sarek borders the national parks of Padjelanta and Stora Sjöfallet. It was one of the oldest national parks in Europe, founded in 1909-1910.The Sarek National Park is part of the Lapland Region that was elected a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1996. Sarek National Park covers a total area of 1,970 sq km (760 sq mi) of sharp peaks and huge beautiful glaciers.  It is a very popular destination among mountaineers and walkers. Keep in mind that Sarek National Park is for experienced hikers. The weather might be also pretty hard. Even well marked trails can be washed down by the heavy rains and violent weather. Additionally this reserve has no tourist facilities within the boundaries of the park.


Sarek National Park has an approximately circular shape, with an average diameter of 50 km. There are only two bridges in all its extension, there are no paths or hostels. In addition, it is one of the rainiest areas in Sweden, making the activity of walking in it dependent on the weather conditions. Besides, it is not uncommon to find rivers or streams dangerous to cross if you do not have the right experience.

The Rapa River delta is considered one of the most beautiful in Europe, and the summit of Mount Skierffe offers great views of the valley. There are around 100 glaciers in the area. Within the perimeter of the park there is a large number of mountains over 2000 m in altitude. Because of the long walk to get to them, they are rarely scaled.

At 1800 meters above sea level there is the Pårte observatory, built at the beginning of the 19th century. The materials for its construction had to be carried by human force.