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Fulufjället National Park




Location: Älvdalen Municipality, Dalarma County  Map

Area: 385 sq km (149 sq mi)




Description of Fulufjället National Park


Fulufjället National Park is a nature reserve within Älvdalen Municipality in Dalarma County of Sweden.  Fulufjället National Park is named after Fulufjället peak that reaches an elevation of 1044 meters. Another notable attraction is a famous Njupeskar Waterfall, the highest waterfall in Sweden. Another interesting resident of Fulufjället National Park is the "Old Tjikko". This Norway Spruce tree is 9550 years old and it is considered to be the oldest living individual tree in the World. However it is not very big or tall so don't get you hopes up to see a true giant.

Fulufjället National Park covers a total area of 385 sq km or 149 sq mi and was inaugurated in 2002 by Swedish king Carl XVI Gustaf.











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