Njupeskar Waterfall

Njupeskar Waterfall



Location: Älvdalen Municipality, Dalarma County  Map

Height: 410 ft (125 m)


Description of Njupeskar Waterfall

Njupeskar Waterfall is a picturesque waterfall along a flow of Njupån river.  Njupeskar Waterfall is situated in Fulufjället National Park in Dalarma County of Sweden. At a total height of 410 ft (125 m) it is the highest waterfall in the country. It consists of three cascades. The highest fall measures at 93 meters. It falls from a sandstone Fulufjället plateau presenting a spectacular view, especially in the morning (around 5am) when the sun shines directly at water. Njupån river over a course of centuries eroded a deep canyon that is covered by mosses and lichens that require moisture to grow. You can get off the trail, but watch your step. These rocks might be very slippery.


Work in progress!
The footbridge from the bridge towards the fall is in poor condition and needs to be renovated. From week 33, the trail towards the case will be closed and demolition will begin. The new footbridge will be ready for use sometime in the 2022 season. During this period, you will be able to view the waterfall from a longer distance, for example from the bridge. From 23 August and tentatively one month onwards, the bridge and the stairs next door will also be closed. This means that you can not hike the entire Njupeskärsslingan.


Sweden's highest free fall
When you calculate the height of a waterfall, you also include rapids and smaller falls in direct connection to the main fall itself - and then Njupeskär is actually not the highest in Sweden. If we look across the border, to neighboring Norway, they have ten of the world's 30 highest waterfalls.

The sound of water masses being crushed is almost deafening and creates a heavy fog that many unusual mosses and lichens like.

It is easy to walk to Njupeskär during the bare ground period, and only low shoes are needed. The loop is gravel and paved and partly possible to walk with a pram, walker or roll forward in a wheelchair. Feel free to ask about nature before you go out, because the trail is a bit steep in places.

From December to March, however, it is allowed to climb ice on Njupeskär's frozen waterfalls.