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Njupeskar Waterfall

Njupeskar Waterfall




Location: Älvdalen Municipality, Dalarma County  Map

Height: 410 ft (125 m)




Description of Njupeskar Waterfall


Njupeskar Waterfall is a picturesque waterfall along a flow of Njupån river.  Njupeskar Waterfall is situated in Fulufjället National Park in Dalarma County of Sweden. At a total height of 410 ft (125 m) it is the highest waterfall in the country. It consists of three cascades. The highest fall measures at 93 meters. It falls from a sandstone Fulufjället plateau presenting a spectacular view, especially in the morning (around 5am) when the sun shines directly at water. Njupån river over a course of centuries eroded a deep canyon that is covered by mosses and lichens that require moisture to grow. You can get off the trail, but watch your step. These rocks might be very slippery.










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