Byland Abbey

Byland Abbey

Location: Ryedale, North Yorkshire Map

Tel. 01347 868614

Open: Apr- Jul & Sep: Thu- Mon; Aug: daily


Description of the Byland Abbey

Byland Abbey Aerial View 

Byland Abbey is a medieval Roman Catholic monastery of Savigniac- Cistercian order situated in the town of Ryedale, North Yorkshire in United Kingdom.  Byland Abbey was established in 1155. Monks and laymen alike cleared marshy lands to start a construction of a beautiful cathedral and surrounding buildings. In 1322 it was besieged and taken by the Scottish troops after the battle of Shaws Moor. In 1538 Henry VIII cut all ties with Rome and proclaimed himself as a head of a church thus starting a Reformation in England. He closed monasteries and took away their possessions. Byland Abbey did not escape this fate. It was closed on 30 November, monks were dispersed and remaining structures were used by the local farmers as a source of stone for construction of the new buildings in the area. The land was transferred to Sir William Pickering.

If you decide to walk in the direction of the Rievaulx Abbey you might notice a dry river creek. It was left here after monk of Byland and Rievaulx Abbeys reached an agreement in their dispute over monastery's possessions. River Rye was diverted to become a new border between the two historic religious complexes.