Kluane National Park

Kluane National Park


Location: Yukon Map

Area: 22,013 km2


Description of Kluane National Park

Contact the Kluane National Parkoffice at +1-867-634-7250 ext 216, or email: kluane.info@pc.gc.ca

Kluane National Park is located in Yukon Territory of Canada and covers a total area of 22,013 km2 (8,499 sq miles). Kluane National Park was proclaimed as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979 for its unique landscape shaped by glacial activity and abundant wild life. Fauna of Kluane National Park deserves few words. It is abundant. Caribou, moose, squirrels, bald eagle and snowshoe hare are just the few that you can encounter here. Additionally you can encounter less welcome guests like Canadian Lynx, grizzly bear and packs of wolves. Although the last rarely attack people unless they are forced by hunger and winter, the first two can easily charge you. It is especially true if you startle them unexpectedly. So the best way to avoid close contact is to travel in groups or bring something that rattles.
There is plenty of opportunities for hiking in Kluane National Park. Kluane National Park has a network of several trails that include Alsek Tral, Auriol Trail, Saint Elias Lake Trail, Mush Lake Road, Rock Glacier trail, Sheep Creek Trail, Bullion Plateau Trail, Dezadeash River Trail and many other. Some people avoid these man made roads and take it back country camping. You take minimum amount of food since you can also fish here for several species of trout, northern pike, sockeye salmon and several other species.


Fees and permits
Fishing per permit:
Daily $ 9.80
Annual $ 34.30
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