Sirmilik National Park

Sirmilik National Park


Location: Nunavut Map

Area: 22,200 km2 (8,571 sq mi)


Description of Sirmilik National Park

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Sirmilik National Park is located in Nunavut province in Canada. Sirmilik National Park covers an area of 22,200 km2 (8,571 sq mi). Sirmilik National Park was established in 2001 to protect Arctic Cordillera of the Bylot Island and surrounding lands. It is one of the most northern of the Canadian protected reserves. Indigenous Inuit tribes have settled these lands for thousands of years. Most of the area around Sirmilik National Park is still owned by these incredibly hardy and surviving people. First European explorers surveyed these area in 1610's during numerous attempts to find the Northwest passage. British explorers William Baffin and Robert Bylot surveyed and described this seemingly bare grounds. Another expedition 200 years later under leadership of the British explorer John Ross explored the lands of future lands of Sirmilik National Park in 1818.


Fees and permits
Northern Park Backcountry Excursion/Camping Permit valid at Sirmilik, Auyuittuq, Ivvavik, Nahanni, Aulavik, Quttinirpaaq, Tuktut Nogait and Vuntut National Parks (per person, 2018):
Daily $24.50
Annual $147.20

Fishing permit:
Daily $9.80
Annual $34.30