Torngat Mountains National Park

Torngat Mountains National Park


Location: Labrador Map

Area: 9,600 km2 (3,707 sq mi)


Description of Torngat Mountains National Park

Torngat Mountains National Park is one of the newest addition to Labrador and Newfoundland province of Canada. Torngat Mountains National Park covers 9,600 km2 (3,707 sq mi) of pristine lakes, mountains and glaciers. Fauna of Torngat Mountains National Park includes caribou, polar bears, peregrine falcon and golden eagle. It might be redundant, but warning about polar bears is never enough. These are very very dangerous animals. Don't let deadly encounter with this beautiful but dangerous animals ruins your activity. Whether it is kayaking, hiking or camping. Additionally eagle and falcons nests, that are fairly common in the area of Torngat Mountains National Park, should be avoided. Parents are very defensive of their young, and their young are not above using their sharp claws if some one decides to approach them without a special invitation.


The Torngat Mountains are named for the Inuktitut word torngait, meaning "place of spirits". The largest and most remote national park in Atlantic Canada, Torngat covers 9,700 km² (3,700 sq mi) of Arctic Cordillera from Cape Chidley south to Saglek Fjord.

Park office, ☎ +1 709-922-1290, toll-free: +1-888-922-1290, e-mail:


Fees and permits

Visitors must obtain permits, register and undergo an orientation before setting off on treks or boat trips. As of March 2018, fees have not been imposed for park admission.