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Cenote Cho- ha

Cenote Cho- ha underground pool




Location: near Coba, Yukatan peninsula




Description of Cenote Cho Ha

Cenote Cho Ha is situated not far from Coba in Yucatan peninsula in Mexico. The word cenote comes from the "dzonot"or "dzenot", which means the well or a sinkhole. Cenote Cho Ha was discovered in 2004 by the local villagers, who pulled their money together to build stairs and make the sinkhole available to the public. Swimming in Cenote Cho Hais allowed and many tourist enjoy a dive in to escape the heat outside of the cave. The entrance fee is 4.5 dollars. The best time to visit Cenote Cho Ha is to come in the morning when no one is present to enjoy an empty cave and swim in the water.








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