Cenote Dzitnup

Cenote Dzitnup




Location: 7 km Southwest of the Valladolid

Open: 8am- 5pm

Price: US $2.5, child US $1.5, video cameras US $30


Description of Cenote Dzitnup

Cenote Dzitnup or Cenote Xkakah is situated 7 km Southwest of the Valladolid and 33 km East of Chichen Itza in Mexico. "Dzitnup" or "dzonot" is actually the word that was later adopted by the Spaniards as “cenote”. Mayan priests often associated these sink holes with the entrance to the underworld. Offerings and even human sacrificed were made at the entrance of Cenote Dzitnup. The legends states that this cenote was discovered by the local farmer who lost his pig that fell through the sinkhole, an opening in the ceiling of the underground cavern. Locals later build stairs to take a swim in a turquoise waters of the cave of Cenote Dzitnup.
The ceiling of Cenote Dzitnup is adored with stalagmites that make this cave magical. Small bats settle in the grooves in the limestone cave. Cenote Dzitnup is especially beautiful in the middle of the cave when the light ray falls directly inside the cave around noon time. However this is also the busiest time then most of tourist visit the site. You are allowed to swim here. The water of Cenote Dzitnup is fresh and fairly cool. At 76 degrees Fahrenheit or 25 degrees Celsius it offers a good escape from the heat above. If you want to avoid crowds come early to enjoy this underground cavern.