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Cueva de la Boca Bat Roost

Cueva de la Boca Bat Roost






Description of Cueva de la Boca

Location: 14 mi from Monterrey    Map


The cave Cueva de la Boca is situated 14 miles from Monterrey. It is famous for its sizeable bat population that numbers in the millions. Original count of bats in Cueva de la Boca numbered approximately twenty million. However due to human exploration of the cave the number fell to 600,000. Makeshift torches were often made from materials that upon burning harmed these small creatures. However the damage was soon stopped and two years after official designation of Cueva de la Boca as a bat roost the numbers went above two million.
Today the population in Cueva de la Boca seem to grow. Mexican free tailed bats are primary residents of the cave. Their main target is corn earworm moth that eats corn crops during migration from Canada to Texas. Bats help agricultures by eating approximately 15 tons of these bugs a night traveling up to 60 miles a night. The bats leave Cueva de la Boca around 6 pm on daily hunts. Then hundreds of thousands of these fury little creatures leave the cave it is quiet a scene.








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