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Waverly Hills Sanatorium Haunting







Waverly Hills Sanatorium  is most famous for its haunting and ghost stories that happen quiet frequently. Some even claim that Waverly Hills Sanatorium is the most haunted house in the country. Ghost hunters from all over United States and the World come to this allegedly haunted and certainly very scary  location.

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Ghosts of Timmy and Mary

Mary LeeMost paranormal floor in Waverly Hills Sanatorium is believed to be the fourth and fifth floors of the Tuberculosis hospital. The fourth level of Waverly Hills is particularly famous for its ghostly activity. It was the level where surgeries were performed, often fatal to patients. It is said to be haunted by a little boy named “Timmy” who is said to run around the place. He seems to be the most active ghost in the sanatorium. Many people who visited the place and those who work or worked there “played” with him. Shortly after setting ball on the ground it would move around the floor without outside help. Ball left on the third floor would often end up on the fourth floor. Another ghost said to roam empty hospital is “Mary” occasionally identified as a former patient Mary Lee (pictured left). Although there is no certain way to check this guess connection between the haunting at Waverly Hills and this particular apparition, the patient by this name did exist. She came to Waverly Sanatorium as a healthy child, contracted the disease and died within these walls. Her slim, petite figure is said to be roaming around halls of the main building of Waverly Hills Sanatorium as well as surroundings of the hospital. Some people reported seeing her peek through the windows only to disappear moments later.





Several visitors to the site of Waverly Hills and some of the volunteers claimed to have seen doppelgänger on the floors. This term can literally can be translated as a "double goer" from German. It basically describes the look alike spirit of a living person. He or she walks around like a normal human being. Some even claimed that these ghosts have talked and interacted with the tourists. Many European cultures believed that if it would encounter your doppelgänger it would almost certainly mean quick death.


Ghost in Waverly Hills Sanatorium  Waverly Hills Sanatorium Ghost



Blonde in the Window

Below is a photo that will probably will be shown to you if you choose to take a guided tour around the facility of the former Waverly Hills Sanatorium. The site where the photo was taken have no windows at least at the time when it was made. So reflection would not explain the appearance of a woman behind women in the picture.

By the way if you were curious why is that all the ghosts of the Sanatorium appear as white or Caucasian, there is simple explanation for that. All African- American patients were taken to a Coloured Hospital at a certain distance from the main building. It was demolished after the closure of the main building. You can find its former location on the map layout.




Ghost in Waverly Hills Sanatorium  Ghost in Waverly Hills Sanatorium


Spooky Aggressive spirits

Not all ghosts of Waverly Hills Sanatorium are friendly though. Couple of years ago several guards heard strange voices in the building and decided to investigate. The followed the staircase where they though was the source of the commotion. When they opened the door on the fourth floor four young men (around 19) fell out. They were scared and shocked. As soon as they were freed they ran downstairs and outside of the building. The guards managed to catch up with them only outside. Teenagers told them what happened and what scarred them.

Someone came up with a ingenious idea of sneaking inside the abandoned building. They quietly reached the sanatorium, avoided the guards and started to explore the creepy abandoned structure. Once they reached the fourth floor they started to hear strange sounds. Eventually spirits began to appear. The kids tried to make a run for it and approached the closest exit. The door turned out to be locked by someone or something. One of boys tried to use his axe to break through the metal door to get out into the staircase. Once you will get there you will see door with holes made by these men and that is more important you will see that there is no way anyone could lock the door from the inside or the outside. No one was able to explain who was able to hold the door and keep the teenagers from opening the door.

Dark ghost with no eyes

Another scary figure commonly seen in Waverly Hills is that of big dark shadow of a man that often scares people. One sceptic was convinced by his girlfriend to spend the night here. They were in a group exploring the site. This man suddenly saw someone at a distance entering one of the rooms. He assumed it must have been someone from a group that fell behind. He decided to approach a man and tell him that the rest of the group was leaving this wing of sanatorium. Once he entered the room and started a conversation the figure turned around and it became visible that stranger was actually a talk dark ghost that had no eyes. Needless to say the man ran like hell and screamed like a girl until reaching open air. He never visited the place again.

"Crawler" or "Creeper"

The scariest ghost that visitors of the Waverly Hills Sanatorium have encountered is a so- called "Crawler" or "Creeper". He is often seen crawling on the walls or ceilings. This spirit often moves from floor to floor straight through floors of the compound with ease. Often it is seen peeking at visitors from around the corners of the buildings. It usually disappears right away. It is described as a dark and threatening figure. Unlike other spirits of the compound this entity gives off very demonic vibes to anyone who encountered it.

Kitchen Apparitions

Kitchen of Waverly Hills has many legends and spirits that is said to roam its empty space. One of these ghosts is a tall man in white that probably worked there at some point. There is no name that was ever tied to any historical figure however. Additionally many guards, staff and visitors of Waverly Hills Sanatorium claimed to have experienced sensing unexplained smells of cooking (especially smell of freshly baked bread), sounds of voices, shouting, footsteps and even noises of metal things being dropped or smashed. Needless to say no one did any cooking in these kitchens for a very long time so it is hard to explain these strange occurrences.



Possible ghost of a child in Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Ghost in Waverly Hills Sanatorium


More pictures of ghosts like apparitions in Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Waverly Hills Sanatorium Ghost  Waverly Hills Sanatorium Ghost    Waverly Hills Sanatorium Ghost

Personally I had a strange occurrence myself in Waverly Hills. I still remain somewhat skeptical, but I have no doubt now something actually happens there. Either time overlaps where two times exist on one or maybe demons to scare people. On a first occasion I felt like something was touching me on by left arm. My initial response was to dispel the feelings as merely brain reinterpreting might thoughts to a false signal of touching. Muscle twitches are common then you are under stress and this could be responsible for my feelings. I looked down on my right hands. In the light of "Exit" sign I actually saw my shirt being pressed against my arm. It was so distinct and localized as if someone's hands tried to grab me.

On another occasion I was in a group of people and decided to leave them for awhile, to explore the place on my own. Empty hall had several lighted spots left from a moon light that shined through the doors. Several times these lighted spots in the hall were crossed by someone silently, even though no one was in that part of the building. Really strange thing happened then I was returning back to the group. I actually felt like something or someone was pushing me either with a fist or a side of a cart. I decided not to say anything. But when I approached my friends they all turned around and looked at me speechless as if they saw a ghost. At this point my heart was pounding, but I decided to act all tough and even joked if my friends actually saw a ghost. Once they calmed down one of my friends told me something was actually following me. It was fairly tall and it was distinctly different from the shape of my shadow. It looked like a lighter more transparent human figure.





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