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Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park







Location: Mount Desert Island  Map


Hulls Cove Visitor Center

Tel. (207) 288 3338


Open: mid- Apr- Oct- daily

Area: 41,000 acres


Blackwoods Campground


 $20 (May 1-October 31), $10 (April and November), free (December 1-March 31)


Duck Harbor Campground

Isle au Haut

Open: May 15- Oct 15

Seawall Campground

Tel. 207-288-3338

Fee: $14 walk-in, $20 drive-in


Description of Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park covers much of Mount Desert Island in a state of Main along many minor islands of the coast. It covers an area of 41000 acres. Despite its small size Acadia National Park has an expansive network of trails that are 120 mi long in total. Additionally, it has three campgrounds for tourists who want to spend more time here. Their telephones and additional information is stated on the left.
The area around Acadia National Park was originally inhabited by Wabanaki native tribes. In 1604 it was first visited by famous explorer Samuel de Champlain. In 1919 it got a status of a national park. Initially Acadia National Park was known as a Lafayette National Park.




Main hiking trails in Acadia National Park

Precipice Trail (Acadia National Park)
Duration: 2.5- 4 hours
Distance: 1.6 mi (2.6 km)
Difficulty: medium – hard
The Precipice Trail starts from parking zone of the Park Loop Rd. You have to jump from boulder to boulder in the early portion of the trail. First portion of the trail has a moderate ascent. After 0.4 miles trail reaches a junction with the Eat Face Trail that can take a hiker to the Bear Brook Trail. The latter is more gradual approach to the mountain. If you decide to follow with the Precipice Trail you have to prepare for sharp drops, climbing ladders and iron rungs and railings. This part of the trail is not really for those who are afraid of heights and it needs more of mental gumption than physical qualities. Last 500 feet of the trail level off with beautiful views of Frenchman Bay, Great Head, Sand Beach and Atlantic ocean.

Bear Brook Trail (Acadia National Park)
Duration: 2 hours
Distance: 2 mi (3.2 km)
Difficulty: easy- medium
The trail begins at Park Loop Rd, east of Bear Brook picnic area. At half a mile it intercepts with Champlain East Face Trail that leads to Precipice Trail. Due to glaciers in the area north- south slopes of the mountains are less steep than east- west thus this provides hikers with alternative easier route to the mountain.

Cadillac Mountain (Acadia National Park)
Duration: 4-5 hours
Distance: 7 mi (11.3 km)
The trail starts at Blackwood campground. This trail is popular with the tourists and thus you are more likely to meet plenty of foot traffic. Once the path emerges above tree line it comes across “The feather bed” a small pond. Once you reach Cadillac mountain you will follow the Dorr Mountain Notch Trail. You will arrive at a junction of Gorge Path and Murray Young Trail. The Gorge Path will take you through a deep gorge with granite walls reaching 30- 40 feet. Even in hot summers it is cool and wet here. Be careful of the slippery rocks and walk with caution. Eventually you will reach Sieur de Monts Spring and Abbe Museum.

Dorr Mountain Summit (Acadia National Park)
Duration: 30 minutes
Distance: 0.8 mi (1.3 km)
This alternative trail can be a pleasant diversion from a trail described above. After reaching Cadillac Mountain follow the Dorr Mountain Notch Trail. Once you will pass junction with Gorge Path and Murray Young Trail you will have 0.8 miles to walk. Top of the Dorr Mountain offers beautiful views of the island and Atlantic Ocean.




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