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Bara-Hack Ghost Town





Location: Pomfret, Connecticut    Map

Found 1780's

Abandoned: 1890's

Most Haunted Places in the World




Bara- Hack Ghost Town History

Bara- Hack Ghost Town is an abandoned ghost town near Pomfret, Connecticut. Bara- Hack was found by Welsh immigrants in 1780's. It started to loose population in the middle of the 19th century and by 1890's it was completely empty. Although many local residents and tourists claim that Bara- Hack is still inhibited by spirits of people who once lived here. Many people come here to experience alleged paranormal activity that is said to occur here. Keep in mind that this land is private property so you will need permission of the land owner to visit this mysterious and interesting ruins from the first years of American history.


Bara- Hack was originally found in 1780's by two Welsh immigrants, John Randal and Obadiah Higginbotham who came to Pomfret from Cranston, Rhode Island. They chose the name for their new home Bara- Hack, a term that in Welsh means "break bread" or "breaking bread" possibly as a reference to the Bible texts. Both men were of Welsh origin, but their position was very different. John Randal  was a prominent local politician in the politics of Rhode Island. He amounted large wealth and bought part of this land in 1776. Just two years later in 1778 Obadiah Higginbotham, a deserter from the British army, acquired another part of the village. However both families moved to the region only in the late 1780's.


The settlement grew in size as new people moved here. However in the middle of the 19th century residents started to move further west. By 1890's Bara- Hack was a ghost town. Over time buildings were abandoned and fell in disrepair. Today only bases for houses survive giving an idea about layout of the former village.




Haunting in Bara- Hack Ghost Town

Bara- Hack is the official name of the historic settlement. However it is also known as the Village of Ghostly Voices, the Haunted Village of Lost Voices, the Lost Village of Pomfret and many other romantic and ghostly names.


Bara- Hack gained paranormal fame before its complete abandonment. Its residents reported strange sounds that came from the cemetery of the village. Respected and dependable eye witnesses reported hearing the sounds of human talking, singing and laughing. Several people saw ghostly apparitions that walked between tombstones. Reports of haunting didn't cease after the people moved out. Various claims of sightings, strange sounds and full body apparitions continue to this day.


If you get permission to visit the site you will have no trouble finding burials that are over hundred years old. Many ghost hunters come here at night to confirm these reports. Regardless whether you believe in supernatural force or not Bara- Hack is an interesting place to visit.





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