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Cerro Cora National Park (Parque Nacional Cerro Corá)

Cerro Cora National Park





Description of Cerro Cora National Park

Cerro Cora National Park or Parque Nacional Cerro Corá is located in Amambay Department of Paraguay. Cerro Cora National Park covers an area of 12.038 ha. Besides pristine beautiful landscape this Paraguayan national park is famous for ancient rock art that is found in the caves. These paintings date back to 1300- 800 BC. The park has fairly good infrastructure. To get to Cerro Cora you will need to travel to a city of Pedro Juan Caballero and travel for 45 km South to the northern entrance to the park. Then you should take route III until you reach Road 5 (Ruta 5) that runs through the national park. It has marked trails that usually well maintained. It has a visitor center and auditorium. You might want to check with the local park workers to get any necessary information pertaining the park at your particular time of the year.

Battle of Cerro Cora

Battle of Cerro Cora was fought in the Eastern parts of Cerro Cora National Park on 1st March, 1870 between Brazilian Imperial Army and Paraguayan Army ending in decisive victory of the Empire of Brazil. Paraguayan leader Marshal Francisco Solano Lopez along with his 17 year old son Colonel Juan Francisco Panchito Lopez was killed during a battle. Paraguayan War was over. Most of the fighting occurred on the banks of the Aquidaban River (within boundaries of Cerro Cora National Park) where Paraguayan troops have surrendered along with their children, wives and other civilian members. Today they are several burials, busts and other markings dedicated to the fallen officers listed below.


Mariscal Francisco Solano Lopez
Vice President Francisco Sanchez
General José María Aguiar
General Francisco Roa
Colonel John of the Cross Avalos
Colonel Luis Caminos
Gaspar Colonel Estigarribia
Colonel Dionisio Lilies
Colonel Juan Francisco Panchito Lopez
Lieutenant Colonel Vicente Ignacio Ortigoza
Lieutenant Augustine Estigarribia
Lieutenant Augustine Sebbato
Captain Francisco Argüello
Captain Benigno Ocampos
Sergeant Major Jose Miguel Gauto
Ascension Sergeant Lopez
Lieutenant José Ortigoza
Priest B. Ornament
Priest José de la Cruz Aguilar
Priest Francisco Espinoza








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