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Bahuaja Sonene National Park





Location: 37 mi (60 km) South-west from Puerto Maldonado    Map

Area: 1,092,142 ha (4,216.78 sq mi)




Description of Bahuaja Sonene National Park

Bahuaja Sonene National Park is located 37 mi (60 km) South-west from Puerto Maldonado in Peru. This national park covers an area of 1,092,142 ha (4,216.78 sq mi). Bahuaja Sonene National Park is a protected area situate in the Tambopata and Carabaya Provinces in the South- East area of Peru. The closest settlement to the park entrance is Puerto Maldonado. This portion of the Amazon rainforest contains an incredible diversity of flora and fauna including over 20,000 plant species, more than 600 bird species, over 170 mammal species, at least 100 species of reptiles and amphibians, more than 230 species of fish and over 1300 species of butterflies.
Bahuaja Sonene National Park is dominated by tropical level of humidity. The average annual temperature is about 26 C or 79 F. The worst time to visit Bahuaja Sonene National Park is between December and March that are wet months of the year. While average annual rainfall varies between 1600 millimetres (63 inches) and 2400 millimetres (94 inches), most of precipitations fall during these months.






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