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Kuelap Archaeological Site




Location: 58 mi (93 km) from Chachapoyas Map

Open: 8am- 2pm daily

Official site





Description of Kuelap Archaeological Site

Kuelap Archaeological Site is an ancient walled town in Utcubamba Valley in Northern Peru.  Kuelap or Cuelap was constructed by tribes of the Chachapoyas culture constructed in the 6th century AD at an elevation of 3000 meters above sea level. They constructed their fortress in a shape of rectangular 600 meters in length and 110 meters in width against Huari native that lived nearby. A narrow passage that led to the Kuelap fortress is very narrow. Only one person can freely make a way up the slope. Anyone who tried to attack the citadel could easily be cut down even by a small garrison. Kuelap settlement was inhabited until the early Colonial period (1532- 1570). Eventually Kuelap was abandoned, although locals were aware of its presence and frequently visited its ruins.


Ruins of Kuelap archeological site was described in 1843 by Juan Crisostomo Nieto, a judge in chachapoyas. He was impressed by the size of the fortified citadel and did everything in his ability to make the archaeological site known to the scintific community.







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