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Moray and Salinas de Maras

Moray and Salinas de Maras




Location: 31 mi (50 km) from Cusco     Map

Open: 7:30am- 5pm daily




Description of Moray and Salinas de Maras

Moray and Salinas de Maras is an ancient archaeological site in Peru that is situated 50 km (31 mi) North- West of Cusco. It was constructed by Inca natives, presumably as a giant agricultural experiment station. Moray and Salinas de Maras is situated on a high plateau situated 3500 meters (11500 feet) above sea level. The closest nearby settlement is Maras village that also gives the name to the whole structure. It consists of giant circular terraces that were used to cultivate traditional plants. This well like fields reach a depth of 30 meters or 98 feet. Moray and Salinas de Marinas has sophisticated irrigational system and several ruins indicating large important settlement nearby. Many historians suggested that this site might have been ancient laboratory intended to experiment with various crops. The difference between various levels of terraces reaches 15 degrees Celsius or 27 degrees F. This dramatic difference was achieved by natural movement of winds and sun ray angle at which it falls on the ground.

Recent flash floods created land slides that caused great degree damage to Moray and Salinas de Maras archaeological site. Despite attempts of administration to fix the problem and prevent further damage, lack of funds greatly undermines the progress of restoration.








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