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Pacaya–Samiria National Reservation (Reserve Nacional Pacaya- Samiria)

Pacaya–Samiria National Reservation




Location: 190 mi (306 km) Southwest of Iquitos, Loreto Region Map

Area: 20 000 km²

Tel. 065 232 980

Info: INRENA, Calle Putumayo 1156, Iquitos





Description of Pacaya–Samiria National Reservation

Pacaya–Samiria National Reservation is located 190 mi (306 km) Southwest of Iquitos of Loreto Region in Peru. Pacaya–Samiria National Reservation covers an area of 20 000 km² and protects biospheres around Pacaya River, the Samiria River, and the Yanayacu-Pucate River that serve as tributaries of the mighty Amazon river. With annual temperatures of 20- 33 C and annual rainfall of up to 3000 millimetres Pacaya–Samiria National Reservation is a breeding ground for one of the diverse regions on the planet. Pacaya– Samiria park has 102 mammal species including rear pink dolphin, over 500 bird species, 270 species of fish, over 100 species of reptiles and amphibians over 1000 species of plants, ferns and trees. Number of insects that live is hard to count, but easy to feel. Take plenty of anti- histamines if you will get allergic reaction and try to sleep in a place with nets so nothing could bite you at night. Small bugs is probably the worst thing you will find in Pacaya–Samiria National Reservation.







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