Location: 16 mi (25 km) South of Cusco, Quispicanchis province  Map

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Description of Tipon

Tipon is ancient archeological site situated 16 miles (25 km) south of Cuzco in Quispicanchis province of Peru. It stands near Oropesa in the village of Choquepeda. This magnificent Inca ruin is a picturesque complex with staircases, terraces and complex irrigation system. The original name of the Tipon settlement is lost. Its modern name of Tipon or Timpuj is a local Quechua word that means "boiling" as a reference to the boiling water springs that fed the city. Masonry in Tipon is so well preserved that even today centuries later water rushes through the channels.


According to Inca traditions this was home to Wiracocha, the eight Inca ruler who built this for his father. Other sources claim that it was the official residence of Royal House of Yahuar Huaca. This Inca ruler started a war with another contender to the throne, Chancas. Chancas army defeated the troops of Yahuar Huaca, forcing him to flee to Tipon. Hi son Huiracocha gathered remaining forces and faced the advisory of his father. Eventually he defeated Chancas and took the title of Inca and a throne of the whole empire instead of his father. However he was gracious enough to spare the life of his parent and constructed a beautiful royal garden along with a garden as a private residence for him. Thick impressive walls defended the court of Yahuar Huaca as well as the whole settlement that served the palace.


Complex system of underground system of Tipon shows broad understanding of the hydraulics that suggest that this was the site for agricultural research in addition to being a royal residence. It lies at an elevation of 3,560 to 3,800 meters above sea level which allowed indigenous tribes to raise crops at different microclimates. High elevation of the settlement should be taken in consideration if you choose to visit the site. Drink plenty of water, take medications if you have hard time adjusting to the mountains. Additionally it is important to note that the climate around Tipon is fairly capricious. It rains fairly commonly so a jacket or a poncho can be quiet useful. Other useful items would be good hiking boots, plenty of water and basic personal items. Tipon archeological site is a fairly basic and lacks many amenities.


Wiracocha or Viracocha

Wiracocha or Viracocha is unique character in the mythology of ancient tribes of Western South America. Some tribes called him Apu Qun Tiqsi Wiraqutra, and Con Tici or Kon Tiki. Inca believed this god appeared from the waters of Titicaca. He supposedly created the World and taught humans architecture, agriculture and other important aspect of lives. His description is somewhat similar to legends of Kukulkan, Quetzalcoatl, Gucumatz, Votan, Izamal, Bochica and others deities around Mesoamerica and Latin America. He was white, bearded and had incredible knowledge that he shared with the first Inca. Some archeologists speculate that this legend is actually based on the true fact. Survivors from some unknown civilization might have been the real teachers of the local people. The legends about this legendary leader are very different. Additionally some versions of the story there were several people under the same description. However their technology and general description is the same in many myths. Inca believed that Wiracocha left them traveling the raft of snakes (shown on the bottom) only to return when it is needed.