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Caura River (Río Caura)

Río Caura




Location: Bolivar State

Length 723 km (449 mi)




Description of River Caura


Río Caura or River Caura is one of the tributaries of the Orinoco River located in the Bolívar State of Venezuela. It reaches a length of 723 km (449 mi). Local indigenous tribes of Sanema and Ye'kuana people still live along the shores of River Caura. River Caura is most famous for its second largest waterfall in the World known as El Salto Para also known as Kuyuwishodu as it is called by the local natives. It is situated about 257 km upstream of River Caura from a point where it joins Orinoco river. It is not very high. Its seven cascades reach a total length of 64 meters, but its width was estimated to be 5608 meters. You can get a tour from a nearest settlement of El Playon. El Salto Para Waterfall also establishes a border between upper and lower Caura. The easiest way to view jungle wild life is by taking a boat from Maripa, travel along Orinoco and then Caura River. One of the curious aspects of this region is lack of clouds so you have less chance to get soaked by rain, but it is still advisable to take some type of raincoat or a poncho.







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