Aconcagua Provincial Park

Andes mountains in Aconcagua Provincial Park

Aconcagua Provincial Park is located in the province of Mendoza in Argentina.


Location: 115 mi (185 km) West of Mendoza  Map

Open: 8am- 6pm daily

Info: Ranger station, Horcones

Tel. (0261) 156 210 118

Permits: Mendoza (0261) 4252 090


Description of Aconcagua Provincial Park

Aconcagua Provincial Park takes its name from quechua word of “Ackon-Cauak”, which roughtly is translated as ‘Stone Sentinel’. Splendid Andes Mountain Range draws all types of thrill seekers ranging in difficulty including hiking, climbing, skiing and etc. Besides it draws history lovers. This range plays an important place in the history of Latin America. In 1818 General Don Jose de San Martin crossed these mountains during war with the Spanish Empire eventually securing independence for Chile by his daring raid. The summit of the mountain Aconcague, the tallest mount in the Andes range, was considered unattainable for many years until January 14, 1897, then Matías Zurbriggen, a member of the Fitzgerald expedition finally reached it. Since then many climbers made the same ascent to the top of Aconcagua Provincial Park. Needless to say it is a dangerous endeavor that requires stamina and experience. Some of the more visited attractions that draw tourists all year long besides Mount Aconcagua are Horcones Lagoona and Plaza de Mulas or Plaza Francia.


Any one that travels to the region of Aconcagua Provincial Park should take into account that it is a dangerous and isolated region of the country. The closest you will get to civilization is town of Puente del Inca located about 4 km or 3.5 miles from the park. Furthermore high altitude sickness is fairly common. It is a general condition that is marked by nausea, headaches, light headiness and etc. Try to take medications for headaches and migraines. Additionally drink plenty of water. If you are not accustomed to the mountains your trip to this majestic natural marvel can easily turn into a nightmare. Prepare yourself accordingly. You won't regret coming here.

If you travel with kids under 12 you have to take into consideration that they will not be allowed beyond Quebrada de Durazn. If you have minors (14-21) they will need signed agreement by both parents that they are fit to for the conditions of the Andes mountains.