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Calilegua National Park (Parque Nacional Calilegua)

View of mountains in Calilegua National Park

Calilegua National Park is situated 75 mi (120 km) Northeast of Jujuy in Ledesma Department of Argentina. Take Route 7 to get to Calilegua National Park.



Location: 75 mi (120 km) Northeast of Jujuy, take Route 7  Map

Tel. (03886) 422 046

Area: 295 km²

Open: 9am- 6pm daily





Description of Calilegua National Park


Calilegua National Park covers an area of 295 km² of the Calilegua hills. It was established in 1979 to preserve La Yungas or subtropical humid Oranense Forest. These mountain forests reach an elevation of 3600 meters above sea level. Calilegua National Park contains a wide variety of biodiversity in plants, birds (about 500 species) and insects. Some of the larger mammals here are pumas, jaguars, ocelots, jaguarundi, tapirs and many others.


Calilegua National Park is dominated by a subtropical climate with wet summer months (December- February) and dry winter months (June- September). Mean temperature ranges between 17 C (62 F) and 40 C (104 F) in summer months. Most of rains hit Calilegua National Park area between November and April. Hence this part of the year is most dangerous to visit the protected bio reserve.






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