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Chaco National Park (Paque Nacional Chaco)

Chaco National Park



Location: 69 mi (112 km) North- West of Resistancia, Chaco Province   Map

Area: 150 km²

Info: Captan Solari

Tel. (03725) 499 161

Admission Fee: free

Open: 9am- 7pm daily




Description of Chaco National Park


Chaco National Park is situated 69 mi (112 km) East of Resistancia, Chaco Province in Argentina. This nature reserve covers an area of 150 km² of open savannas, grasslands, swamps and small lakes with their tributaries. Chaco National Park is a protected natural area in the Chaco Province in Argentina. It was established in 1954 to conserve the enviroment of the eastern areas of the province, that is characterized by lagoons and jungle vegetation alternated with palm trees. Protected area (measures at 14,981 hectares) lies along Negro River which crosses the eastern sector of the park. Decree No. 2149/ 90 of 10th October 1990 designate a sector of Chaco National Park as a strict natural reserve.


Chaco National Park is one of the places in the country and the continent for that matter where you can find quebracho trees (quebracho colorado chaqueno aka Schinopsis balansae). Much of other quebracho forests have been mercilessly destroyed by deforestation. The howel monkey and the talkative partor are other endangered species that liSome of the animals species that live here include cougars, tapirs, black howler monkey and many others. Additionally this nature reserve has several settlements of indigenous tribes of Mocovi and Toba people.


Chaco National Park contains several site available for camping. A network of hiking trails is spread out through the region. Some of the most popular destinations include trails to Carpincho and Yacare lagoons.









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