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Cueva de las Manos (Cave of Hands)

Cueva de las Manos

Cueva de las Manos or Cave of Hands is situated 100 mi (161 km) South of Perito in Santa Cruz province in the valley of the Pinturas River.



Location: Ruta Provincial 97, 100 mi (161 km) South of Perito, Moreno  Map

Open: 9am- 7pm daily

Age: 9000-2500 years ago




Description of Cueva de las Manos


Carbon dating of organic matter of the point point that the paintings in Cueva de las Manos were made 9000 years ago. They were rediscovered in 1964 by Professor of Archaeology Carlos Gradin and in 1999 the Cave of Hands was added to the World Heritage List. Rock art is found through out the valley of Pinturas River and across Santa Cruz province in general, but Cueva de las Manos is most interesting and diverse collection of such paintings. Besides 800 imprints of human hands it includes images of animals, human figures, hunting scenes and other shapes and forms. Most of hand prints belong to women. The colors are diverse and include black, white, yellow, purple and red. The cave is found deep within a canyon. Local guides are fairly cheap and can take you to the site. There is also Cueva de las Manos information center and cafe at the entrance of the trail.









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