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El Rey National Park (Parque Nacional El Rey)


El Rey National Park is situated 155 mi (250 km) South- East of Jujuy in Anta Department of Salta Province in Argentina. El Rey National Park covers an area of 441 km².



Location: 155 mi (250 km) South- East of Jujuy, Salta Province    Map

Tel. (03487) 4312 683

Area: 441 km²

Open: 9am- dusk Mon- Sat





Description of El Rey National Park


El Rey National Park is an extensive protected bio reserve that protects the area of the Southern Andean Yungas ecological reigon. It is largely dominated by the tropical rain forest that is spread between various elevations ranging from 750 to 2000 meters above sea level. El Rey National Park is inhabited by about 44 species of mammals, including cougars or pumas (Puma concolor), peccaries (Pevari tajaci), Tayassu pecari, capuchin monkey, ocelot, pajonal cat and many others. One of the unique animals are tapirs, the largest South American mammal that can reach a weight of over 300 kg. Yet despite its size it is completely harmless, although approaching one of these animals in the wild is not advisable.






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