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Mount Fitz Roy/ Fitzroy (Monte Fitz Roy)

Fitz Roy Range

Mount Fitz Roy Monte Fitz Roy is a mountain on the border between Argentina and Chile. The closest settlement to Mount Fitz Roy is a El Chaltén village. Monte Fitz Roy mountain reaches a height of 3,359 m (11,020 ft).



Location: El Chaltén village  Map


Elevation: 3,359 m (11,020 ft)





Description of Mount Fitz Roy or Fitzroy


Mount Fitz Roy is a magnificent mountain in the Andes Mountain range on the border between Argentina and Chile. It reaches a total height of 3405 meters above sea level. Mountain was named by explorer Francisco Moreno who dedicated it to Robert Fitzroy, fearless captain of the ship "Beagle", the same ship that carried Charles Darwin around the Globe. Local Native Americans called this peak Chalten.


Climbing Mount Fitz Roy is a demanding job so it requires proper physical training and appropriate gear. However you can make part of the way up the slope and get to the Laguna de Los Tres that can be done by most tourists. A hiking trail to the top of the peak stretches for 10 km. It begins at the outskirts of the village of El Chalten. Here you need to get a free permit for climbing. It is done to keep a track of all tourists who are in the area of Mount Fitz Roy. You can get to the village by taking a shuttle bus from El Calafate.


The hiking trail to Mount Fitz Roy lies along a picturesque lagoon Capri and then bends around the Rio Blanco river. Other side of the river is a location of a tourist camping ground. Many tourists spend a night here before making a sharp ascension up the slope. Keep in mind that in Southern Hemisphere summer lasts between December and February. These months is the best time to make the climb. Some adrenaline seekers try to make it in the June, July and August months, but the authorities of city of El Chaltern try to prevent this wreck less behavior. While Mount Fitz Roy appears safe and beautiful, sudden blizzards and strong winds can catch daredevils off guard.