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Lago Puelo National Park

Lago Puelo National Park

Lago Puelo National Park is situated in the Chubut Province in Argentina. This natural reserve was established in 1971 and covers an area of 276.74 km² around lake Puelo.




Location: Chubut Province  Map

Area: 276.74 km²

Official site




Description of Lago Puelo National Park


The region of Lago Puelo National Park is famous for its unique microclimate of High Andes biosphere. Much of its territory is covered by Patagonian forest and steppes or plains. Beautiful color of the lake in the middle of national park is given by glacier sediment of silt that was left after ice have retreated. Some of the animals that can be met here are red foxes, cougars, small deer pudu, huemul and many others. The eastern part of the Lago Puelo National Park is inhabited by indigenous tribes of Mapuche natives. But these are not the first humans that inhabited this area. First hunter- gatherers that settled in the territories of modern day Lago Puelo National Park left rock paintings in the caves of the park.


Lago Puela National Park contains two campsites on the shores of the lake Puela. Additionally you can find horse rentals and boat rides across the lake. A network of hiking trails is spread across the protected area.








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