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Laguna Blanca National Park

Laguna Blanca National Park

Laguna Blanca National Park is situated 93 mi (150 km) West of Neuquen in Argentina. Protected area of Laguna Blanca National Park covers a surface of 112.5 km².





Location: 93 mi (150 km) West of Neuquen    Map

Info: Ejercito Argentino 217, Zapata, Neuquen

Tel. (02942) 431 982

Area: 112.5 km²




Description of Laguna Blanca National Park


Laguna Blanca National Park was established in 1940 to protect various species of aquatic birds and especially black neck swans that are frequent in the area. Other animals and birds in the region include, majestic condors, ducks, flamencos, foxes, choiques and many other species. Lake Blanca is surrounded by hills and Patagonian plains. It is one of the few sources of water in the region so animals come here often. It is not surprising that first humans came here as well. Don't miss Salamanca cave that once served home to prehistoric men. Their art paintings on the cliff surfaces are still visible today after thousands of years. Occasionally tourists have found artifacts that belonged to much later group of native known as Mapuche indigenous tribe.

If you want to get to Laguna Blanca National Park by a rental car you should take route 22 from Neuquen to Zapala. It is about 93 mi (150 km) Neuquen to the park and 32 km from Zapala to the park. Then you can take Route 40 until it crosses Provincial Route 46. You can take it and follow it to Laguna Blanca National Park.