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Lanín National Park (Parque Nacional Lanín)

Lanín National Park

Lanín National Park is located 14 mi (22 km) Southwest of Ilumine, Neuquén Province in Argentina. This natural reserve of Lanín National Park covers an area of 379,000 hectares.




Location: 14 mi (22 km) Southwest of Ilumine, Neuquén Province  Map

Area: 379,000 hectares

Official site

Info: (02972) 427 233





Description of Lanin National Park


Much of terrain in Lanín National Park was formed by the glaciers that left twenty four lakes and numerous lakes left here when the ice retreated. The name of the park is derived from a highest peak on its territory, mount Lanin. Its name is derived from a local Native American language and can be translated as "dead stone".


It is a recognizable symbol of the Neuquén Province. Mount Lanin is even depicted on a flag of the region. This beautiful volcano rises to a height of 3776 meters on the border between Argentina and Chile. Peak of Mount Lanin is covered by snow thought out a year. The best time to get to the top is between May and September. You can hike and climb to the top of the mountain through a network of trails in Lanin National Park or Villarrica. However keep in mind that it requires proper gear and experience in mountain climbing.


Volcano Lanin is considered to be a dormant volcano, however it doesn't mean that it will never erupt again. At the beginning of the 20th century, the Argentine government, frightened by the earthquake in Valparaiso on the Chile side of the border, declared that the Lanin volcano woke up. It turned out to be a false alarm, but thousands of people living in the Neuquén Province became frightened and left the province.


Lanin National Park is famous for its many lakes, in particular Alumine, Huechulafquen and Lacar. Fishing is allowed here and salmon as well as trout is abundant. For more information about the park and its regulations you can visit a city of San Martín de los Andes on the shores of Lake Lacar or Junin de los Andes. The quickest way to get here is by taking a flight to Chapelco airport located nearby.







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