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Lihué Calel National Park (Parque Nacional Lihué Calel)

Lihué Calel National Park

Lihué Calel National Park is situated in La Pampa Province in Argentine. Established in 1977 it covers an area of 99 km2.




Location: La Pampa Province    Map

Area: 99 km2




Description of Lihué Calel National Park


Lihué Calel National Park is covered by savannahs and deserts in the mountainous terrain. It is inhabited by guanacos, maras (Patagonian hare), armadillos, foxes, vizcachas and many other animals. One of the more dangerous animals that inhibit these lands is a puma, large carnivorous cat. These are usually shy animals and try to avoid any contact with humans, but under certain circumstances it can turn violent. Don't threaten it or approach it too closely. It is no house cat. Birds that inhabit Lihué Calel National Park include magnificent condors, rheas (South American specie of ostriches), owls, yellow cardinals, gray falcons, martineta and others.

Lihué Calel National Park in addition to its flora and fauna is famous for archaeological site of indigenous prehistoric people that once lived here. One of the most visible sights of their presence are various sites of rock art. They consist of geometric patters made with red and black natural paint. Some date as early as 2000 BC. One of the easiest way to get here is by taking the hiking trail known as the Valley of the Paintings. It is about 600 meters long and take to the cave covered by ancient rock paintings.







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