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Monte León National Park

Monte León National Park

Monte León National Park is located 28 mi (45 km) Southeast of Puerto Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz Province in Argentina.



Location: 28 mi (45 km) Southeast of Puerto Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz Province   Map

Info: 9 de Julio and Belgrano, Puerto Santa Cruz

Open: Nov- Apr: daily





Description of Monte León National Park


Monte León National Park was found in 2002 and it is considered to be the youngest Argentina natural reserve. You can get here by joining an organized day trips from the nearby city of Rio Gallegos. Monte León National Park stretch for 36 km along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Its marine wild life include colonies of Magellanic penguins that number in over 60,000 individuals. Park boasts as the fourth largest penguin colony in South America. Other guests frequent the area of Monte León National Park are sea lions that come ashore to bask on the sun. Other marine mammals include Australian dolphins, whales and many species of sea birds.


Keep in mind that coastal cliffs are periodically flooded by the waves of the ocean so exploration of quiet bays and secluded caves should be avoided whenever possible. You don't want to be trapped in one of these traps.


One of the most intersting tourist destinations in Monte León National Park is the island of Monte León, which is fully occupied by seabirds. It is forbidden to get on the island so humans won't disturb local nests, but you can do plenty of bird watching as you sail around its rocky cliffs and beaches.


Additionally Monte León National Park covers area of Patagonian plains with the typical vegetation and its inhabitants. Here you can encounter guanacos, pumas, ostriches, rheas and many other animals and birds.


A small hotel at the entrance of Monte León National Park is open to the public. It is housed in a former sheep farm that was baught by the administration of the park.







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