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Palacio San José

Palacio San José

Palacio San José is located 69 mi (110 km) North of Gualeguaychú, Entre Ríos Province in Argentina.



Location: 69 mi (110 km) North of Gualeguaychú, Entre Ríos Province   Map

Tel. (03442) 432 620

Open: 6am- 7pm Mon- Fri

9am- 6pm Sat & Sun

Official site




Description of Palacio San Jose or San Jose Palace


Palacio San Jose or San Jose Palace is one of the most important historical buildings in the country. It was constructed 23 km (14 mi) from the city of Conception del Uruguay, Entre Rios province of Argentina. It was designed by architects Jacinto Dellepiane  Pedro Fossati and constructed between 1848 and 1858. It served as a personal residence of Justo Jose de Urquiza, President of the Argentine Confederation between 1854 and 1860. Like many leaders in Latin America Justo Jose de Urquiza reached the top ranks in politics by serving in the army and reaching the rank of a general. He was widely described as a caudillo, Argentinian and Latin American term for a strongman or a war chief.


Palacio San Jose architectural style combines Italian and Argentine criollo architectural styles. Today it is converted into the National Museum of Justo Jose de Urquiza. Its architects jacinto Dellepiane and Pedro Fossati was of Italian ancestry so he used some of the traditions of his native country to design this marvelous building. The ground floor of the San Jose Palace is taken by 38 spacious rooms, which are encircle two inner courtyards. Additionally residence contained utility rooms, a chapel, stables, a grocery store, a dovecote for 650 birds and even artificial lake measuring 20,000 square meters. The lake of Palacio San Jose was used to host the annual sailing regatta.


The main facade of Palacio San Jose is framed by two symmetrical towers decorated with carved frieze. Palace interior is decorated with numerous frescoes and painting which depict scenes from the battles of General Urquiza. They belong to a hand of Uruguayan artist Juan Manuel Blanes.


Palacio San Jose has its grim pages in its history. Justo Jose de Urquiza was murdered here by his political opponents. In the luxurious office of the president and a general you can still see his bloody prints of his palms as he attempted to keep his posture. Some of the local legends claim that the spirit still haunts this residence. Many claim to hear and see full body apparition of president's ghost.







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