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Punta Tombo Provincial Reserve


Punta Tombo Provincial Reserve is located 66 mi (107 km) South of Trelew in Argentina. It is famous for huge colonies of various species of penguins who come here. Visitors of Punta Tombo Provincial Reserve come to watch somewhat clumsy, but beautiful, social animals on land.



Location: 66 mi (107 km) South of Trelew, Chubut Province   Map

Open: Sep- Apr 8am- 6pm daily

Info: (02965) 15 565 222

Best time to visit: between September and April then Magellan penguins come here to nest and rare their young.




Punta Tombo Provincial Reserve


Punta Tombo Provincial Reserve is the most popular and the most visited protected bioreserve in  Chubut Province of Argentina. It lies 180 km from the city of Puerto Madryn. Taking a bus from Puerto Madryn is probably the easiest way to get here, although two and a half hour ride might much longer. Thousands of locals and international tourists (65,000 to be exact) alike flock here to take a peak at local celeberties, Magellanic penguins.


Punta Tombo Provincial Reserve is located on the coast and occupies a small area of 3 km long and 600 meters wide. The center piece of the nature reserve is a sandy and gravel beach, shielded by rocks. Thousands of penguins come here for breeding and raising their young. It is interesting that these birds that measure only 50- 70 cm at height are not afraid of people. Many of them allow people to approach them to a close distance and some even allow tourists to pet them. Of course suck close interaction between humans and penguins is officially banned by the reserve rangers. The general rule in Punta Tombo Provincial Reserve is that you should stick to the designated hiking trails.


Entrance to Punta Tombo Provincial Reserve is full of information boards that present tourists with information about the lifestyle and habits of Magellanic penguins. Most of these magnificent birds stick to the water, where they find their main source of food, the fish. Their nests are located in small burros on the shore. When they are not hunting for food penguins march leisurely along the shore with their whole families, communicating with each other.






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