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Río Pilcomayo National Park


Río Pilcomayo National Park is located 224 mi (360 km) North of Resistancia, Formosa Province in Argentina. Río Pilcomayo National Park covers an area of 47,754 ha (118,000 acres).



Location: 224 mi (360 km) North of Resistancia, Formosa Province   Map

Area: 47,754 ha (118,000 acres)

Info: Ave Pueyrredón & RN 86, Laguna Blanca

Tel. (03718) 470 045

Open: daily




Description of Río Pilcomayo National Park


Río Pilcomayo National Park was found on September 29, 1951 to protect river Pulcomayo and surrounding marshes, creeks, lakes, rain forests and plains. It is situated in the North East part of Formosa Province of Argentina on the border with Paraguay. Río Pilcomayo National Park climate is subtropical. It recieves 1200 mm (47 in) of rain annually, although most of percipitations falls during the wet months of the ear. During summer months (December through February) temperatues can reach 104 degrees F, while in winter (June- August) temperatures can plummet to 30's degrees.


Keep in mind that much of Río Pilcomayo National Park is covered by wetlands, area inhabited by many dangerous animals. Treat any body of water with caution. Some of these animals include two caiman crocodile species, including the yacare caiman and the broad snouted caiman. Additionally protected bio reserve is inhabited by several species of constricting snakes that includes the yellow anaconda (Eunectes notaeus) and Hydrodynastes gigas.





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