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San Guillermo National Park


San Guillermo National Park is located in Iglesia Province in Argentina. San Guillermo National Park covers an area of 160,000 hectares.




Location: Iglesia Province   Map

Area: 160,000 hectares






Description of San Guillermo National Park


San Guillermo National Park was established in 1999 as part of San Guillermo Biosphere Reserve. It covers over 160,000 hectares of mountains, puna grasslands, wetlands and canyons. The highest point of San Guillermo National Park reaches an elevation of over 6,000 meters (19,700 feet). San Guillermo National Park is inhabited by Andean mountain cat, cougar, guanaco, vicuna, chinchilla, culpeo fox and many others. Some of the more dangerous creatures here are cougars. Many of these beautiful animals can be seen wearing GPS radio collars. These are used by the local authorities to track this top predator in San Guillermo National Park. Similar device can be seen on vicunas, their common prey. If you are lucky enough you can witness a majestic Andean condor soar in the sky. There are some plans to fit these birds with similar GPS collars.





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