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San Ignacio Miní

San Ignacio Miní

San Ignacio Miní is located 230 mi (370 km) East of Corrientes, Misiones Province in Argentina. San Ignacio Miní is famous for ruins of the Jesuit mission from the 17th century. Due to its historic importance San Ignacio Miní was designated UNESCO World Heritage Site.



Location: 230 mi (370 km) East of Corrientes, Misiones Province  Map

Constructed: 1632

Official site




Description of San Ignacio Miní


San Ignacio Miní is a historic archaeological site of a former Roman Catholic mission established by the Jesuits in 1632. At the time of its foundation San Ignacio Miní was part of the Spanish Empire in the region known as the Province of Paraguay. Its name "San Ignacio Miní" was meant to indicate its smaller size comparing to another larger mission of San Ignacio Guazo (great in the local Guarani Native American language). During its hey day in the 18th century San Ignacio Miní was inhabited by over 3000 residents including Spanish soldiers, priests, monks and large population of the local native who converted to Christianity. After the Suppression of the Society of Jesus (aka Jesuits) in 1767, the mission of San Ignacio Miní was abandoned. Local hostile tribes captured and burned down the mission in 1817 in a series of military campaigns against perceived intruders.





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