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Santa Catalina

Santa Catalina

Santa Catalina is a beautiful Roman Catholic Church of the Jesuit order and situated 13 mi (20 km) North of Jesus Maria in the province of Córdoba in Argentina.



Location: 13 mi (20 km) North of Jesus Maria, Córdoba

Tel. (03525) 421 600


Jan- Feb 10am- 1pm & 3pm- 5pm Tue- Sun

Mar- Dec 10am- 1pm & 2pm- 6pm Tue- Sun


Service: Apr- Sep 10am- 1pm Tue- Sun

Oct- Mar 10am- 1pm & 3pm- 7pm Tue- Sun




Description of Santa Catalina


Santa Catalina was originally found in 1622 by Jesuits who came here to baptize locals and spread literacy among local indigenous tribes. One of the first things Jesuits did however was not the Baroque church you see today. Their first major project was hydraulic engineering that allowed tons of water to be delivered to the surface. Until that time local people did not have an access to reliable sources of water. New technologies brought by the brothers of the order changed all that. The area became famous as a breeding ground for thousands of cattle, mules, sheep and other farm animals. The church itself was completed only in 1754. It included an adjacent complex with orchards, workshops, cloisters enclosing patios, stables and many others. In 1941 Santa Catalina was declared a National Historic Museum. This religious complex holds its festivities devoted to their patron Saint Catalina on November 25th and last Sunday of January.







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