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Talampaya National Park

Talampaya National Park

Talampaya National Park is situated 135 mi (216 km) Southwest of La Rioja, La Rioja Province in Argentina. Talampaya National Park covers an area of 2,150 km². In 2000 it was added to UNESCO World Heritage Site.



Location: 135 mi (216 km) Southwest of La Rioja, La Rioja Province  Map

Tel. (03825) 470 356

Area: 2,150 km²


Open: May- Sep 8:30am- 5:30pm daily

Oct- Apr 8am- 6pm daily

Official site




Description of Talampaya National Park

Talampaya National Park was created to protect biosphere of the region as well as archaeological and paleontological sites that dot the area.


Numerous rocks in this area are covered by the depictions of people, animals and abstract shapes. One of the most visited historic sites in Talampaya National Park in so called the Lost City. It is a group of natural boulders with ancient petroglyphs of native tribes. Additionally several ruins of ancient dwellings and human burials indicate that this region was a permanent settlement.


But this is not the only interesting find in the region. Palaeontologists discovered remains of ancient turtles and dinosaurs in the dry riverbed of Talampaya. Some of the fossils date back to 210 million years ago when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Administration of Talampaya National Park restricted access to ancient settlement so the only way to get there is by taking a local guide. Take plenty of water and something to protect your skin. Sun can be quiet unforgiving here. Local souvenirs shops sell souvenirs and pictures of the ancient rock art.


Local botanical garden of Talampaya National Park offers tourists a chance to see some of the most unique representative of fauna in the region. Additionaly the entrance to the protected bioreserve is notable for tourist information center. Here you can get information how to "The Lost City" and the bed of the river Talampay. Numerous shops offer souvenirs with images of petroglyphs and rock paintings.






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