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Tierra del Fuego National Park

Tierra del Fuego National Park

Tierra del Fuego National Park is located in Tierra del Fuego Province of Argentina. Tierra del Fuego National Park was created in 1960 and covers an area of 630 km2 (243 sq mi).



Location: Tierra del Fuego Province Map

Area: 630 km2 (243 sq mi)

Info: Ruta Nacional 3, km 3047 Avenida San Martin 1395, Ushuaia

Tel. (02901) 421 315

Open: daily





Description of Tierra del Fuego National Park


The easiest way to get to Tierra del Fuego National Park is by getting to a city of Ushuaia, located 12 miles West of the park entrance. You can take a car or a taxi and travel along National Route #3. You can also take a train that runs along Southern Fuegian Railway (also known as the Train of the End of the World). Its station is situated 8 km West of Ushuaia. Additionally you can get to the park by taking a catamaran from Ushuaia Bay with a harbor of Lapataia. It will take you to the shores of the Beagle Channel that are often covered by colonies of various species of penguins. It was named so by the crew of a British ship HMS Beagle during its first hydrographic survey. (Charles Darwin travelled on HMS Beagle during its second voyage under command of captain Fitz Roy) British sailors encountered Yaghan indigenous people who settled these land as early as 10,000 years ago.


Tierra del Fuego National Park is an important landmark as it the finishing point of Pan- American Highway that passes across the continent of South America. Its climate is fairly rough through out a year. Strong winds and low temperatures make this protected park as one of the most habitable. Particularly autumn months, which are March, April and May in the southern hemisphere are particularly unwelcoming as rain shower bound the area.


Tierra del Fuego National Park is located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Additionally it containts Roca and Fagnano lakes with its unique biosphere. Fauna of the park include beavers, rabbits, foxes, guanacos and other animals. However most of travelers arrive in Tierra del Fuego National Park for bird watching. Some of the species include ducks, condors, parrots, shorebirds, blackbirds, cormorants, several species of penguins and many other birds.







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