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Moses Springs at Wadi Musa

 Moses Springs at Wadi Musa




Location: Wadi Musa




Description of Moses Springs

Moses Springs is a historic water source at the entrance to the town of Wadi Musa (Valley of Moses in Arabic). According to legend Moses passed through these lands from Egypt to Canaan. His people were thirsty so Moses struck the ground with his staff five times and a cold spring sprung from the ground. For centuries Moses Springs served local people, providing them with fresh cold water. During Nabataean period local people constructed several artificial canals to channel the water into nearby archeological site of Petra. Today Moses Springs is encased into a chapel. Original water source is assessable. Triangular rock in the corner of the building is said to be the place where Moses once stood.


Nearby Mount Hor is said to house the Tomb of Aaron. Locals believe that this is a final resting place Aaron, brother of Moses. Wadi Musa is situated about 250 km from Amman, Jordan's capital and about 100 km from the port city of Aqaba.







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