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Bad Ischl

Bad Ischl

Bad Ischl is a spa town in southern part of Upper Austria. The city was first mentioned in the 13th century, but it reached its high point in the nineteenth century. The city became a favorite summer residence for the Austrian Imperial family as well as a play ground for European aristocracy. Large sum of money were flowing and a small city became famous for its lavish architecture and cultural importance in Europe.




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Travel Destinations in Bad Ischl

Kaiservilla (Bad Ischl)

Kaiservilla is a magnificent residence that was presented as a wedding present from Archduchess Sophie to her son Franz Joseph when he married Elisabeth of Bavaria (Sisi). It served as Emperor's favourite residence. Gradually it became a second palace where Austrian leader held important meetings and signed historic documents. In fact it was here Franz Joseph signed the declaration of war against Kingdom of Serbia on 28 July, 1914.


Kongresshaus (Bad Ischl)



Konditorei Zauner pastry shop (Bad Ischl)

Lehártheater (Bad Ischl)


Kreuzplatz 16
A-4820 Bad Ischl
+43/ 06132/21495   


Katrin (Bad Ischl)



Burg Wildenstein (Bad Ischl)


Burg Wildenstein or Wildenstein Castle was constructed in the late 12th century. In 1419 it became an imperial residence. The legends still circulate around the citadel. One of them states that extensive network of underground passages still survive dug in the side of the mountain. The castle was burned in 1593 and finally in 1715. It was subsequently abandoned and fell in disrepair.






















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